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Launch, Grow, Promote and Market your Business in West and Central Africa.

In 2011, I founded the African Vision Communications (AVICOMM) Group a Media and Marketing Communications company which focuses on offering such services as Business Development, Marketing, Branding, Publishing, outdoor advertising, Media Relations and Corporate Events Management.

I am very passionate about seeing companies and individuals grow, succeed and lead in their various fields of practice. Through AVICOMM GROUP, my team and I promote the values of Excellence and Innovation in the companies we serve.

I also provide one – on – one online coaching services to business people who want to start, grow and expand their businesses and live successful lives.


How Can IHelp You Grow? 

Grow My Business/Manage my Brand

I want to start, grow or promote my business.I need a designed brand Identity which will make me or my company stand out from the competition.

Publish a Book or Magazine

I want to Publish a book or a a magazine.I need content management services, for a website, book or magazine.

Find My Purpose

I want to Upgrade my Life. Discover my Life’s Purpose and start living it.

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In a crowded marketplace, you must stand out from the crowd to succeed. This course teaches practical ways on how to get the competitive edge.

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Do you want to experience exponential growth in your Life, Business and Career today? I can help you achieve remarkable success.GUARANTEED!